The Years 1952 - 1955


Japan Bound -- about 30 days via the Marshall Islands. Specifically the atolls Taongi, Bikar, and Taka near the equator.

Orders called for checking the atolls for Japanese stragglers from the WW 2 that were rumored to still be there. No persons were found but evidence was all around that they had been there.

Approaching Taongi atoll. Only the rim can be seen.Rim

The North Pacific, location of the atolls noted above. Click to enlarge Try clicking on thumb nails Thanks to Joe Lewin we have these photos on the Atoll. I lost mine in the sea.

LCVP transports the search team to Taongi atoll.

<<< proud team members. LST 1138

Chiefs Miles and Dougherty comimg in from the sea.

Signaling the ship- Oh for a cell phone

Goony bird being stalked by a Chief ?

This shot taken from the beach of Taongi atoll. You can see the 1138 in the distance >>

Joe, seated, who is the other ?

Who is this athlete ?

LCVP landed on Marshall Island  Bikar  atoll 1953   Photo by J Lewin

Bikar atoll, another Marshall Island 1953  Photo by J lewin

Skeleton of Japanese landing craft

Hawaii, en route to Japan

Oahu is the location of Pearl Harbor which is our intermediate destination. Diamond Head appears and we find our way to the entry to Pearl

Diamond Head from a distance that does not do it justice in black and white.

Quartermaster watching Oahu beach during practice beaching.

Drawing of the entry to Pearl Harbor. Pearl itself is on the tip of the peninsula in the upper center.

Evening at sea with a slight roll

Beaching exercise on Oahu

Time was spent in this great area practicing beaching and working with the land forces.

Sasebo Harbor 1953-4

The USS Reagan passing the Arizona in Pearl Harbor- 2006

Pearl, More beauty in Hawaii

from our practice beaching location 1953

This is the Bill Weber ( Army Man ) corner since he furnished the four photos shown below during operations in Hawaii called the Mickey Maneuvers about 1949-50.

Looking Down -

Bow to ramp

Looking from ramp to beach

Whoop-de-do, this is class

Bow doors open, ramp down

twin 40s pointed at danger

28th street ,San Diego 1954

Hawaii beach 1954

A series of 10 photos taken on December 7, 1941 can be seen on page 11 of this website

<< Ken Nielsen, a former shipmate, on the 1138 for a few months found this site and contacted us via the Email and later sent these 3 photos for use. Ken now lives and works in Denmark EU. He is the one with the trumpet. If you know any one of the other two let us know. These 3 photos were taken between Jan and August of 1953 >>>

? and Ken

? and Ken